Don’t Let Your Patients
Fall Through the Cracks


First, a couple quick questions…

How would you treat a patient that presents with a history of balance issues, is not homebound, and will likely have difficulty attending frequent physical therapy visits at a clinic?

How can you make sure that your patient with a history of falls, who was recently discharged from Home Health physical therapy, doesn’t decline and experience more falls because arranging transportation to an outpatient clinic is too difficult?

The answer to both questions is Mobile Rehab In-Home, Outpatient physical therapy. We remove barriers to receiving necessary physical therapy by providing Out-Patient Physical Therapists that make house calls. We make it simple to make sure that your patient stays active, independent, and safe as long as possible by receiving skilled physical therapy services in their home setting, covered by insurance, without the need for them to be homebound.

You can directly impact the quality of life for your aging patients by making sure that they don’t fall between the cracks in our healthcare system.

If you work in a hospital setting, you’ll be interested to know that we can help reduce hospital readmissions by follow up with your patient over an extended period of time at lower frequencies that would never be possible with traditional Home Health. We can help spot declines or complications and inform you about changes over time before they snowball into an ER visit.

If you work in a clinic setting, you’ll be interested to know that we can help your patient attain higher levels of mobility and help facilitate their return to community activities, when appropriate. Our services can be preventive, before falls occur. We can address balance and strength deficits early on to help your patients live more productive, active lives.

Not only do we also treat a variety of conditions in addition to specialized balance and fall prevention, we also work with a myriad of other services providers to ensure that your patient’s needs are met so that they can live a safe and active life at home. We are able to perform home safety evaluations and make appropriate recommendations to contractors who are certified in Aging In Place specialists to make necessary modifications. We work alongside many county agencies to ensure our patients know about other valuable community services, when appropriate, as well. We also promote patient engagement in community based exercise programs to facilitate long term independence with exercise programs.

Every 20 minutes a senior dies as the result of a fall, making it the leading cause of injury related deaths among older adults. Take a proactive approach with your patients today.


Our services are covered under Medicare Part B

And many other private and supplemental insurances.


Medicare Part B physical therapy is distinctly different from Home Health Physical Therapy, which is provided under Medicare Part A and has different regulations, such as the patient must be homebound. Under Medicare Part B, our goal is to maximize the patient’s rehab potential and we are not limited by homebound regulations. We can work with patients in the home even after Home Health has discharged them.
We file all insurance paperwork on behalf of the patient.


  • Contact Us by Phone, Email, or Fax

    We’ll check the patient’s insurance benefits and call them to schedule.They should not be currently receiving any other physical therapy or skilled nursing services in the home.

  • Schedule an Evaluation

    We will contact the patient to plan a date, time and location that works best for them.

  • It’s That Easy!

    We make it simple for your patients to get the care they need… and exceed their expectations while doing so.


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Want to refer a patient?

You can use your standard prescription form, or print and fax this handy one we made.


The therapist from Mobile Rehab has been fantastic and very helpful to me. She clearly is the best PT I have ever had.Laureen F of Chapel Hill
The physical therapist came to our house and carefully reviewed our case. He designed therapies and strategies that have worked well for us. For example, my husband could not get off the floor by himself and I could not lift him when he fell. Together we learned techniques to cope with this situation in our home. Joshua designed fun and effective exercises to improve strength and flexibility. My husband can now get in and out of chairs and cars without help and walks more easily. Since we used equipment in and around the home, my husband can remember and apply what he has learned. Mobile Rehab accepted our insurance and worked out approval to provide services. We did not need a referral from our doctor.

My husband and I highly recommend Mobile Rehab if you or a loved one needs physicalJerry from Pittsboro

I wanted to tell you how much better I think Mom is since starting your PT. She has been less off balance, quicker to equilibrate to standing, and has had more stamina. I also think she is less depressed and feels more accomplished. Josh has been prompt and polite, as well as engaging in conversation to make Mom feel at ease. Thank you!Karen Pool - Google Review

Kelly evaluated me and made some helpful suggestions. I look forward to working with her and improving my balance and muscle strength. Rita - Google Review