Join Us for a Better Way to Provide Care

  • A profession with freedom
  • a therapy job you will love

Mobile Rehab provides out-patient physical therapy in the home setting and we’re looking for therapists who are interested in providing this service in their communities as well.

We help physical therapists create their ideal jobs that allow flexibility to be with family, complete control of scheduling and caseload, and excellent pay, because we know there is a better way to provide care.

Here’s what our therapists think of working for Mobile Rehab…

Working for Mobile Rehab is ideal for me as a practitioner for the flexibility it affords me with scheduling. I can spend more or less time with patients and can arrange therapy to suit the needs of clients. In addition, I realize many patients are grateful to not have to drive to a clinic and also deal with waiting and the hustle/bustle of a clinic. I am able to do one on one care and setup treatments individually with the patient using functional applications rather than gym equipment. J Lias MS, PT, OCS

I just wanted to relay to you how much I am enjoying Mobile Rehab. It’s a breath of fresh air to not have productivity requirements and to have full control over my schedule.
I feel like I’m really making a difference for my pt’s and luckily I have a bunch of very motivated pt’s at the moment. Thank you for taking me on!

It’s been a minute since I’ve felt like I can actually do PT instead of worrying about everything that comes along with clinic work. Good quality one on one PT with motivated pts means progress!!

It’s a perfect fit for me and I’m glad I found Mobile Rehab!Kim Daeke, PT

Why You Will Love Working With Mobile Rehab

  • Complete Flexibility

    Schedule as many or as few patients as you feel comfortable with.

  • Excellent pay

    You work to help people… and to make money. We help you make money by handling all of the billing and insurance issues.

  • Complete Autonomy

    Be in control of your own caseload, your own service area, and provide the care that you feel the patient needs.

  • Opportunities for Growth

    If you have a specific interest or skill set, we help you expand in that direction.

  • No Productivity Requirements

    Take the time to provide the care that patients need. You’ll never hear about productivity numbers from us.

  • The Ability to Take Care of Your Community

    Nothing feels better than taking care of your own community. You can choose your service area and make a real difference where you live.

Interested? Let’s talk!

Mobile Rehab was created in 2004 to provide the therapists with an ethical, and flexible working arrangement, all while providing valuable care to patients in their communities.


More Great Reasons to Join Mobile Rehab

  • Online Documentation

    We’ve chosen the easiest and most convenient web-based documentation so you can complete your notes wherever, whenever.

  • Therapist Owned

    Started in 2004, Mobile Rehab is still owned and managed by a practicing physical therapist that understands what it means to treat and respect patients.

  • Ethical

    We support our therapists and their ability to provide the best care to their patients, period.

  • You are paid regardless of delays in billing

    Unlike many other in-home therapy contract companies, we pay therapists bi-weekly regardless of delays in billing cycles.

  • Complete Administrative Support

    We take away as many hassles as possible so you can focus on seeing patients.

  • Marketing Support

    Brochures, business cards, flyers, you name it. If it helps you succeed, we’ll provide it.

The Bottom Line

We take care of everything else, so all you have to do is treat patients, and let others in your community know that you are providing this service.

There are no hidden corporate agendas, we simply believe in providing ethical and evidence based physical therapy to adults and seniors in the community in a manner that respects the patients AND the therapists.