What to Do After a Fall

So you’ve had a fall…

No one wants to end up on the floor, staring their cat in the eyes, wondering how they will be able to get back up and if they seriously hurt themselves. The best way to prevent a fall is by taking appropriate precautions before a fall ever happens. We’ve put together some tips to help you get started.

House Safety Checklist

Before you go to the store to buy new fall prevention things, use this handy checklist to see what you will need.

Home Fall Prevention Checklist

Equipment for the House

Here are some links to commonly used devices to help prevent falls in the home. There are a LOT more, but this will get you started. Mobile Rehab also provides home safety evaluations and product suggestions and well as referrals to certified Aging In Place contractors for house remodeling needs. Call use at 919-636-2423 for more information.

  • Grab Bars

    For bathrooms, showers, entryways click here

  • Night Lights

    For hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms click here

  • Clock

    To reduce confusion and improve sleep patterns click here

  • Four Wheeled Walker

    Has a seat for rest breaks click here

  • Shower Chair

    Showers can be dangerous places click here

For more information on choosing specific home safety devices, visit HomeAbility for many helpful tips.

  • Three Wheeled Walker

    Light and low profile for tight spaces click here

  • Very Fashionable Canes

    For those who “aren’t ready to use a regular cane” click here

  • Emergency Alert Call System

    This one has no monthly charges click here

  • Bed Railing

    Simple to install and very helpful click here

  • Non-Slip Shoes

    Use them inside. They are comfy, too. click here

  • Subscription Fall Alert Systems

    Here’s reviews of some popular brands click here

Exercise Programs to Reduce the Chance of Another Fall

If you are having concerns about your balance, or have already experienced a fall, it is important to speak with a physical therapist to perform and evaluation and develop a treatment strategy based on your unique situation and needs. One program that physical therapists offer is the OTAGO fall prevention exercise program. It has been shown to reduce falls up to 40% in the frail elderly population.

Learn More About OTAGO

How to Get Up After a Fall

If you’re actually on the floor and reading all of this, take a moment now to call for help or 911 if no one is around. Try to take some deep breaths and relax. Try moving your arms and legs to see if anything has been injured. If you’re still wondering how to get up from the floor, here’s a video that might help.


Fall Prevention

We provide the latest in fall-prevention treatment including the OTAGO fall prevention program.

What is OTAGO?

General Rehab

Avoid driving to a clinic and get the individualized care you deserve. We work with many conditions ranging from post-stroke, Parkinson’s to rotator cuff dysfunction and much more. Contact us for details.

After Home Health

We can improve care continuity by providing in home therapy even after you have been discharged by a Home Health agency. Avoid the hassle of driving and continue to make progress towards your goals.


Joshua Cohen PT, MS

is originally from Illinois and a graduate of Northern Illinois University as well as UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in PT and an MS in Human Movement Science. He is a fall prevention specialist and also provides general physical therapy as well as vestibular rehab. He serves the Pittsboro area.

Jennifer Lias MS, PT, OCS

is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and has degrees in Exercise Physiology, Health and Rehab Science, and Physical Therapy. She also specializes in vestibular rehab and continues to teach college level courses as well. She serves the Asheville region.

Jennifer Harrison DPT

is a graduate of Elon University and has additional experience with back pain treatment, vestibular rehabilitation, and pelvic floor therapy. She serves the Clayton area.

Debra Bishop DPT

is a graduate of Slippery Rock University and has additional experience with fall prevention, resistance training, balance, and geriatric physical therapy. She serves the Cary area.

Kelly Swimm DPT

is a graduate of the University of Scranton and is certified in OTAGO fall prevention and has a wide array of geriatric PT experience. She serves the Chapel Hill, Pittsboro and Durham areas.

Kimberly Agatucci PT

is a graduate of University of Illinois – Chicago and has extensive experience in various therapy settings. She serves the Chapel Hill and Durham areas.

Charron Andrews PT

is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and specializes in Parkinson’s, fall prevention, and general geriatric therapy. She serves the Carrboro and Chapel Hill areas.

Erin Rankin PT

Originally from New Jersey, Erin graduated from Winston-Salem State University. Erin has worked in a hospital setting as well as out-patient orthopedics and has diverse experience working with a variety of clients. Erin is also an avid tennis player and enjoys spending time with her two great kids. She serves the Cary and Apex areas.


Our services are covered under Medicare Part B

And many other private and supplemental insurances.


Medicare Part B physical therapy is distinctly different from Home Health Physical Therapy, which is provided under Medicare Part A and has different regulations, such as the patient must be homebound. Under Medicare Part B, our goal is to maximize the patient’s rehab potential and we are not limited by homebound regulations. We can work with patients in the home even after Home Health has discharged them.
We file all insurance paperwork on behalf of the patient.


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