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Fall Prevention for Your Home – Lighting

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Fall Prevention for Your Home - Lighting

Staying strong and mobile is only part of the equation when trying to reduce your risk of falling. Another large component is making sure your environment helps to keep you safe. Night lights are often suggested for seniors (or anyone) who walks around in the night. Maybe you get up to use the bathroom or to get a snack, in either case, night lights can be a big help. You might be surprised by all the options if you haven’t checked out what is available lately!

If you don't have any wall outlets available along your usual path, these battery operated, motion activated night lights could be a big help!

A bedside lamp is an easy way to get light if you have to get up in the night. This inexpensive LED lamp offers you the option of changing the light color to something more soothing for the night, as well as touch sensitive controls and brightness controls.

If you do have outlets available, these motion activated night lights can be a huge help to avoid walking into things.

If you want to turn a lamp into a motion sensing night light, these light bulbs could help you illuminate a full room. You might not want to use these in your bedroom, though, in case they are activated by moving in bed, however.

Adequate lighting is just one part of creating a safe home environment. In future posts, we'll address other factors and new technologies to make your life safer and more independent.
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