Do you think all therapy clinics charge the same amount? Think again.

Joshua Uncategorized

So you need physical therapy. Maybe you have insurance with a “coinsurance” amount, which means that you will be responsible for a percentage of the total bill… so you actually care what’s being billed. How will you choose where to go for physical therapy?

To make a very long story short, hospitals (aka HOPTs or “hospital owned physical therapy clinics”) are allowed to charge A LOT more than independent clinics. To make it even more confusing, clinics OWNED BY HOSPITALS can also charge A LOT more. How do you know if a clinic is owned by a hospital? You have to ask how they bill.

Another type of clinic, physician owned physical therapy clinics (aka POPTs) are also allowed to charge A LOT more for physical therapy services. Basically, the physician is allowed to bill under their provider number at a higher rate than a physical therapy alone could. How do you know if a clinic is owned by a physician? You have to ask how they bill.

Many times, the gigantically inflated rates that get billed are filtered down to “allowable charges” by the insurance companies. If you are paying privately, however, those inflated charges may be passed directly to you. They can also be passed along in deductibles, which is especially important consider the popularity of high-deductible insurance plans.

At Mobile Rehab, we bill what Medicare allows and charge the same as an independent therapy clinic. We are a physical therapist owned company and are willing to work with patients with financial constraints as well. Additionally, when you have concerns about a bill, you can speak directly with the owner.

For more information and a free consultation with a physical therapist to see how we can help you, call us today at 919-636-2423.