Can a Physical Therapist come to your house?

Q: Can a PT come to your house?

A: Yes, physical therapists can provide therapy services in the home setting. However, there are different ways this service may be rendered. There are two main ways physical therapy is provided in the home; In-home outpatient, and Home Health.

In-Home Outpatient Therapy

Mobile Rehab provides in-home outpatient physical, provided under Medicare Part B regulations, in the home setting as a convenience. Patient do NOT need to be homebound and services are covered exactly the same as if you drove to a clinic, but we go to the patient as a convenience.

  • Pros
  • Convenience
  • One-on-one treatments with a physical therapist
  • The ability to customize therapy to your particular setting and issues rather than focusing on less functional machines in a clinic setting.
  • The goal of therapy is to help the patient reach their highest rehab potential.
  • Therapy is generally scheduled for one hour per session.
  • No need to coordinate transportation or drive to a clinic.
  • Cons
  • May be limited to certain geographic areas since insurance does not reimburse therapists for travel under this model.
  • You may have a copay or coinsurance due depending on your insurance.

Home Health Therapy

Home Health" is a technical term for skilled medical services provided in the home setting under Medicare Part A regulations.

  • Pros
  • Services are often covered 100% by insurance.
  • Home Health can also provide skilled nursing or occupational therapy services as needed.
  • These services usually have a larger geographic reach, since Medicare part A pays more to offset the travel expenses.
  • Cons
  • Patients must be homebound (having significant difficulty leaving the house)
  • Services can be very limited in scope and duration due to regulations.
  • The goal of therapy is often to help the patient get out of the house to continue therapy in a clinic setting.
  • Therapy is often less than one hour since services are reimbursed differently. Extensive documentation requirements may also take away from one-on-one therapy time. (You'll know what I'm talking about if you have ever had therapy with a PT who spends most of their time staring at the computer screen instead of paying attention to you.)

Home Health therapy is best if you have had a qualifying hospital stay, are truly homebound, or need multiple therapies (such as nursing or occupation therapy). In-home outpatient is best if you are not homebound and prefer the benefits of receiving physical therapy in the home setting.

Mobile Rehab provides in-home, outpatient Physical Therapy for seniors.

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Use your insurance or pay privately

No prescription is needed to start. Mobile Rehab is covered by insurance and provides in-home physical therapy.



$0 per visit

Many Medicare plans with a supplement policy will cover all of our fees.

Commercial Insurance

Same as a clinic

Pay the same copay as if you went to a clinic for therapy. We accept many major insurances and will verify your benefits before starting.

Private Pay


Easy payment options available.


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    We’ll help you check your insurance benefits. You do not need to be homebound and you should not be currently receiving any other physical therapy or skilled nursing services in the home.

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    We will match you with a therapist and have them contact you to plan a date, time and location that works best for you.

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    We make it simple to get the care you need… and exceed your expectations while doing so.



Mobile Rehab in home physical therapy

Fall Prevention

We provide research-based, individualized fall prevention interventions that have been shown to greatly reduce your risk of falling and injuries, including the OTAGO fall prevention program.

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learn more about OTAGO

Mobile Rehab in home physical therapy

General Rehab

Avoid driving to a clinic and get the individualized care you deserve. We work with many conditions ranging from post-stroke, Parkinson’s, vertigo to rotator cuff dysfunction and much more. Contact us for details.

Mobile Rehab in home physical therapy

After Home Health

We can improve care continuity by providing in home therapy even after you have been discharged by a Home Health agency. Avoid the hassle of driving and continue to make progress towards your goals.

Mobile Rehab in home physical therapy

Strength and Conditioning

We can help you improve your strength, mobility, range of motion, or any other functional limitations that impair your daily activity.

Mobile Rehab in home physical therapy

Pain Relief

We develop individualized care plans to help manage your aches and pains through exercise and hands-on techniques.