Check this online tool to compare Local Home Health Agencies before it’s too late

Before you choose a health care services (doctor, hospital, nursing home, home health, and more) you need to check out this tool from Medicare. You might be pleasantly (or horrifically) surprised at what you find.
Simply type your zip code in the search bar and choose which agencies you want to compare. 
PS. Mobile Rehab is an in-home out-patient physical therapy provider, so it is not included in this list. We can provide in home physical therapy before or after Home Health Agencies, but not at the same time. Contact us today to find out if we can help with your situation.
Generally, patients receive care from home health agencies after they have been in the hospital, or if they are homebound. The goal of home health PT is often to help the patient not be homebound any longer, so they can continue PT at an outpatient clinic. Mobile Rehab simply brings outpatient therapy to your home to make it more convenient and effective to ensure you reach your maximum potential for rehabilitation.