Age in place

Top 20 Products to Help You Age in Place

Do you think you already know about all the gadgets and tools to help you age in place comfortably? Well, hold onto your socks because I think you’ll find many helpful new products in this list that you didn’t already know about!

Falling is not a normal part of aging

You probably already know that older adults are more at risk for falls due to age-related changes in their bodies that can affect balance and coordination. These changes can be compounded by medical conditions, medications, and other factors that can increase the risk of falls.

Night lights

Fall Prevention for Your Home – Lighting

Adequate lighting is just one part of creating a safe home environment to prevent falls. In this and future posts, we’ll address factors and new technologies to make your life safer and more independent.

Mobile Rehab physical therapy in Leland

Aging in place versus a Nursing Home

For You : From Mobile Rehab Physical TherapyAging in place versus a Nursing HomeAccording to a recent news release, CMS (Center for Medicare Services), reported that they have, “become increasingly concerned about the quality of care at nursing homes, especially those owned by private equity companies and other types of investment firms, and academic researchers have indicated that this trend …

Mobile Rehab in-home physical therapy

In home physical therapy

For You : From Mobile Rehab Physical TherapyDon’t just get physical therapy near you… Have the therapist come to you!by Mobile RehabAs we age, mobility and balance issues can become a concern for seniors. In-home physical therapy can provide a solution for these issues, allowing seniors to safely and comfortably receive therapy in the comfort of their own homes. There …

How Long Can I Get Physical Therapy For?

If you are wondering how long you can receive physical therapy for, this article will help to clear things up. Have you ever been told, “You can’t get more physical therapy for the year because you’ve reached the Medicare CAP.” Or maybe you’re concerned about using up your Medicare amount allocated for therapy, so you are avoiding further rehab this …

How much does physical therapy cost?

So you need physical therapy. Maybe you have insurance with a “coinsurance” amount, which means that you will be responsible for a percentage of the total bill… so you should definitely care what’s being billed. Or maybe you have a large deductible. How will you choose where to go for physical therapy? To make a very long story short, hospitals …

How is Mobile Rehab In-Home Physical Therapy different than Home Health?

Since Mobile Rehab provides in-home physical therapy, it can be easy to confuse it with Home Health. However, the two are very different. What is In-Home Physical Therapy? Mobile Rehab provides in-home out-patient physical therapy covered under Medicare Part B (and many other insurances). We bill based on 15 minute units and get paid the same as an out-patient clinic. …

Pain In The Back? Exercise May Help You Learn Not To Feel It

According to experts, low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and it is estimated that 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Surgery and spinal injections are typically considered as a last resort treatment option for low back pain. They may be helpful for specific conditions such as a herniated disc …